The Fund's mission

Lapalala Wilderness School Norway Fund (LWS NorwayFund) is a non-profit organization based on the Southern coast of Norway. The Fund's mission is to establish and engage in dynamic relationships with Norwegian companies and individuals on a long-term basis to support Lapalala Wilderness School (LWS) in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

the conservationist's most important task, if we are to save the earth, is to educate.

peter scott,
founding chairman of world wildlife fund(wwf).

Corporate Partnership

Lapalala Wilderness School exists thanks to financial support from individuals and private companies. However, it is becoming increasilngly difficult to raise funds for long-term solutions, as climatic changes increase the demands for short-term funding. Yet, it is precisely because of these critical issues, coupled with a dramatic increase in population growth, that environmental education is more urgently needed than ever.

Lapalala Wilderness School

Lapalala Wilderness School (LWS) is an outdoor environmental education centre situated deep in the Waterberg Mountains of South Africa. Run by a small and dedicated team of professionals from the region, the school's grass-root approach to raising environmental awareness has earned the school a well-deserved reputation as an innovative educational institution of excellence.